Thursday, December 23, 2010


Hello Followers ,
First at all I want to wish you a Happy Holidays and for the ones who believe in Christmas "Merry Christmas".
I just want to announce the "NOTE PADS" won't be available anymore, starting from January 1st of 2011. Ilovedielines Studio is designing new kinds of Note Pads where you can take full advantage of it (Always thinking on customer on how facilitating writing down their notes)
The good news is.....You would receive these beautiful note pads (2 note pads) for FREE in any order as long as your shipping payment is 2.00usd and up. When this start? This start January 1st of 2011. Those are already packaged in a cello bag and with the new Ilovedielines Studio label.
We have hundreds of these beautiful Note Pads from 2010 design and layout (and I'm still making more). I'm not sure if it last the whole year but I will try my best to have enough for everyone.
Please see picture below

From now and on all your order, outside of the parcel envelope (in other words in the shipping envelope) will be stuck the Ilovedielines Studio label, so you would be able to recognize right away that the package come from us Ilovedielines Studio.

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